The members of Outgrowth have been working the Chicago music scene since the early ‘90s.  They have been part of acts that span styles from Progressive to Punk to Jazz.  While the former bands and projects they have been a part of are too numerous to mention, they mostly share the overlapping musical elements of odd time signatures, aggressive instrumentation and thoughtful evoking lyrics.

"Strike the match, set the flame.  Watch it burn!   Plant the seed of re-birth.   Reach for the Sun!"

Taken from 'Phoenix', the first song written by the band and the first track of their self-titled debut album, this lyric summarized the emotion behind the band's creation.  Having grown frustrated with the musical evolution in their previous band, founding members Joe James and Raphael Savastano left to form Outgrowth in late 2006 along with original drummer Bill.

Drawing on their extensive musical influences and years of experience, the newly formed Outgrowth immediately focused on writing new material.  Although all of the members have released previous recordings, this was the first truly self produced and released studio work for all of the members.  Everything with the exception of Mastering, handled by local studio legend Jim Godsey, was managed and crafted by Outgrowth.  Their debut album was released in November of 2007.

2009 brought changes to Outgrowth with the departure of original drummer Bill. Joe and Raphael continued on as a two piece band with Raphael filling in as the band’s interim drummer. Going back into the studio, Outgrowth began to craft the sound for their next album.

In July of 2010, Outgrowth released a 2 song single entitled ‘November’ and picked up a new guitarist, Ron Mielzynski.  The single's 2 songs ‘November' & 'Trophy’ will appear on their next album set to be released in 2012.


From L to R:

Ron Mielzynski: Vocals, Guitars

Joe James:  Vocals, Bass, Bass Pedals

Raphael Savastano:  Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums  

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